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Life is not perfect, through our trials there will be test. Its what we do with these test that determine how strong our Faith is. Even if we don't always win, even if we come under attack by friends, family or foe, even if prayers aren't answered to our liking, even if death shows us heartache. All that matters is that our Hope still be in our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord. All that matters is that we grow in Faith, Love and Hope. All that matters is that it is well with our soul.   God Bless!

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Jan's and Kelly's Background / Testimonial


JAN'S STORY.......    You can say I was a rebel, started my family early in my last year of high school. Worked as a pool man, a carpenter, steel worker, and tree trimmer clearing power lines, then roofer first ten years out of school. 

    The late 80's I went to truck driver school and worked seasonally back and forth between driving six months and then construction six months for the next ten years. In that ten year period I also went to heavy equipment training and worked seasonal as a certified bulldozer operator for three years. Twenty some years of hard labor already! 

    it was about then that I started my heavy haul career and finally had a much better means to make a good living. 

    I was 48 years old when two of my dear sisters confronted their troubled brother and tried to bring him to the Lord. I've been Blessed with three awesome Christian sister siblings, one of which is now with Jesus. But I denied the Lord and my sisters that day. 

    But God was not done with me, God was now searching me out, for He knew the plan for my life and I had no clue. One week later without any forethought, I dropped to my knees in my big beautiful Peterbilt and surrendered my life over to God! " Lord if you can make something out of this mess of a man I'm yours!' I vowed to serve Him, even though I can remember asking Jesus how a common messed up rebel could possibly be of any service to God? Once again I had no clue!

KELLY'S STORY...............

Our faith


Our faith is best recognized with the Baptist doctrine. I believe that only the Word of God is the supreme authority in which should be our daily guide and road-map in our faith and life. I believe that Baptism and celebrating the sacred Lords Supper through communion such as the events instilled by Jesus to His followers leading up to His crucifixion, is just as important today as the symbolic importance then and till the Lord returns again. As a New Testament believer, I believe in individual ministry and loyal servant-hood as a follower in Jesus Christ, and that ones verbal and written inspiration is ordained by the authority of the scriptures. I believe in the virgin birth and essential deity in our Lord. That He was crucified dead and buried, and on the third day was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. I believe in the promised endowment of the Holy Spirit, and the Sanctity of the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Ghost. I believe that Jesus returned to be witnessed visually before returning to Reign in our Fathers Heavenly Kingdom. I believe that if you declare and believe the above stated; repent of your sins, wholeheartedly depart from your sinful ways, and welcome Jesus into your heart and life, that you are born again and Paradise in Gods Heavenly Kingdom is yours for Eternity. I believe that good people that don't believe will only get a glimpse of heaven, I believe that there is a hell, I believe in the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

LifeInChrist Ministries/Smky Mtn Bible Retreat


    For months after I surrendered to God I was just a man on fire! Buying any study cross reverence books I could find to understand the Bible, its names and places. Listening to sermon after sermon from the web and XM radio. 

    From the night I surrendered I had a newfound peace and joy. God had to be so pleased, finally I had put God first! The next few months was a whirlwind of events, even though all I thought of was God and my work, I had a very special lady brought into my life. Within the year we were married and the Ministry was born. 

    The mission and calling of LifeinChrist Ministries and Smoky Mtn. Bible Retreat is to develop a heart hungry for God. To allow the lost to come to know Jesus and for the good luke warm Christian an opportunity to have fellowship with others to ignite the passion they once had and lost. To bring broken and hurting families together in a Godly peaceful atmosphere, a time for healing, a time for bonding, a Smoky Mtn Bible Retreat/Reunion. 

    The set agenda at the Smoky Mtn. Bible Retreat is to help build a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilled LifeinChrist. Early morning breakfast and a one hour devotional that involves a capable family member to lead the group in devotion. A different family member for each set devotional. Usually by 9;00 AM we load up in small groups to go out and about to enjoy the many tourist attractions of the Smokies. We all then return to the Cabins in the evenings for catered or prepared meals by local community volunteers. Then we do the evening devotional time from 8 to10 pm followed by games, fellowship and relaxation. 

    The length of the Bible Retreat/Reunion can vary depending on the families wants and needs. But we are usually best suited for around five days. Time goes by quick, and for the amount of time it takes for planning and families to arrange time off from work and school, you want to make the best of whats possibly a once in a life time event.

    Pictures and videos with music will be recorded and available for ordering upon completion of your family event.   

    We are a non profit organization, the cost are all calculated depending on your families wants and needs. When the cost is split up by family members, you could not get more bang for your families buck for the memories and the hearts that will be forever touched.

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