Smoky Mtn. Bible Retreat

Families Praying


Prayer time is encouraged at different times during the retreat. Instills upon family members the daily importance of a personal prayer relationship with our Lord and of group Prayer. 

Large Cabins


Cabins of many different sizes, 3+4 BR to 12 BR cabins to fit families needs. Can sleep up to 60, Game Rooms, theater rooms, multi bunk BR's, hot tubs, rear decks for awesome Mtn views.

Daily Devotions


Certain family leaders are ask to lead either a morning or evening devotional with preplanned outlined subject. 1 Hr am and 2 hr pm. Many that never before have spoke to large groups. 

Cousins Bonding


Families that live states apart have a once in a lifetime chance to reconnect and bond through devotional, game time, seeing the Smokies sites and just hanging out. Nothing tugs at the heart likes happy smiling faces

Seeing the Sites


Its not all business at the bible retreat, families and small groups have quality time to visit the different wonders of the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas. Local Bible Belt atmosphere is evident. 



Bringing families together in a fast pace world is no easy task. but with the right cause and timely effort, memories will be made with family members that are priceless. We are not promised tomorrow!